About Aviji


Pronounced: ah • vēē • gēē        Meaning: Invincible, Unconquerable, Unstoppable.

It's YOUR LIFE, so enjoy it how you want to. It's YOUR STYLE, express your uniqueness. It's YOUR WORLD, live with confidence. This is one place where it is respected that you shouldn’t have to fit into a box. Here at Aviji you can find styles and merchandise that represent your uniqueness and sophistication. Self-confidence is the best outfit, and Aviji is here to complement what is already on the inside. You are a force to be reckoned with. Live out your purpose and dreams with style. Be you. Be invincible. Be Aviji ….because it’s your life, your style, your world.  

What makes something invincible? It can withstand the tests of time. In us human beings it is our spirit, which can be accessed through the practice of meditation. The work of the human spirit can be seen in the arts, culture, and innovation which will be explored and discussed periodically in Aviji's E-Magazine. 

The purpose of this site is to be a relaxing online atmosphere that offers content that helps you to expand your consciousness, and quality products that complement your vibes.