Dispelling the 10 Most Common Myths About Meditation

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To go deep into what meditation actually is, we first must discuss and dispel some of the myths about meditation in general.

10 Myths About Meditation

  1. It’s just a relaxation technique - It’s not just that, it’s way more than that. It’s, It’s a positive personal self-development process. It does more, Relaxation is, is just a small benefit of meditation. It’s not just a technique.
  2. Meditation means you’re going into a trance - No. Not to say that these things couldn’t happen where your feel like, you feel different, your body feels lighter, your mind is flowing and going. But that’s not the point of meditation. It’s not.
  3. It is a mysterious practice that cannot be understood - Of course this is false. It can be understood. That’s why I am here now discussing this show. It’s just those people who don’t understand, they fear it. So people fear things that don’t understand. So when you learn what meditation is all about you come to have a deeper appreciation for it, and what it means, and how it helps you and others.
  4. It is dangerous and should be avoided if you lack knowledge - See that’s just like the people who think it’s a mysterious practice that cannot be understood. It’s not true! you have to learn this for yourself and understand it for yourself. And im glad that I can share the knowledge to get this out so that people can actually see meditation for what it really is.
  5. The purpose is to become psychic - Again, these things happen as a unique benefit, a blessing, a gift, that comes about after meditating, ya know? for some time, practicing often.
  6. It is only for saints, religions, and special groups - We all know that’s not true. Well, we know that Buddhists meditate so we often associate meditation with Buddhist tradition. It’s for everyone, all ages anyone can do this. Gender, race, religious backgrounds, it does not matter. It is not just for a special type of people. It’s a positive personal development exercise and practice.
  7. It means you are running away from reality - once it’s understood you will come to see that it does not mean running away from reality at all. Especially, not mindfulness meditation and this is why I find mindfulness meditation, not superior to another form of meditation, but- more helpful in understanding this myth…that it does not mean you are running away from realty. Because mindfulness meditation involves confronting seeing, being aware of, your own thoughts and actions etc. so it does not mean you are running from reality. It means you are facing it head on.
  8. It is a selfish activity - It’s not selfish. Again as I said, it doesn’t mean that you are running away from reality. It means you are facing things head on and this is helping you to become a better person to the ones you love and to society, and in turn the ones you love can see you become better and be encouraged to also do better.
  9. It is a great way to get high - Noooo. I don’t know what others may feel but, I feel light, I feel positive, maybe moments of bliss, but it’s not the means to an end. It is a lifelong practice. It’s not the point to get high off of anything.
  10. You sit around thinking lofty, pointless, careless thoughts - mindfulness meditation is about allowing and surrendering to the silence and peace around you letting your thoughts do what they do, but who you become as a result of meditation is far greater than just thinking that you are just sitting around thinking theses thoughts when in fact you are opening up to your own awareness. So if you are sitting, You are sitting with a purpose.

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