Expanding Consciousness: A 7 Step Guide To Positive Inner Transformation

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There is a shift in consciousness that we all feel taking place around us amidst the chaos and confusion. Jones created a book that helps others adjust to this evolution in consciousness by following seven unique steps that spurs positive inner transformation. This book has become a tool, and for many, their first expanding consciousness journal/diary. It is not only for individuals; it is also useful in workshops and courses, as it aids in the healthy growth of businesses, corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Expanding Consciousness: A 7 Step Guide To Positive Inner Transformation

This book is helpful to:

  • Individuals
  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Educators

This book is intended to take readers on a profound journey of positive inner transformation needed to empower the mind, body, and soul. Each chapter represents a spiritual step that gets straight to the point to help you manifest the life you always knew you could by expanding your consciousness. All chapters are followed by Inner Inquiry questions and a Notes section that encourages further examination of your spiritual Self. Meditation exercises are also included to help you along your journey. Self-discovery is a life-long process. What has taken LaDawn Jones over a decade to learn is available for you now to learn in less time. So, are you ready to embark on a journey of positive inner transformation? Are you ready to discover your life purpose, harness your true inner powers, and expand your consciousness? Don't forget to buy your family and friends a copy so they can embark on this journey with you.


  LaDawn Jones is a Ph.D Candidate of Criminal Justice, Author, and Certified Meditation Instructor of Mindfulness Meditation. Through her works, she intends to help others expand their consciousness and discover their life purpose. Her books are designed to empower and inspire others to share their divine gifts with the world. 



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